Welcome to our food co-op!

At Naturally a Deal, we are striving hard to be one of the most courteous, affordable, and well-run food co-ops around. We specialize in providing a wide variety of quality food at prices far below normal retail levels. We’re able to do so because the cases of products we typically have are closeouts, factory seconds, overruns, close-dated products, out-of-date products, 
liquidations, warehouse damages, and insurance claims.

We started in the early 2014, and our customers have been so pleased with the quality and prices of our food that our group has quickly grown to over 700 families participating in 8 states.

Our food ranges from prepackaged lunches to gourmet European cheeses and organic food. It’s often a “treasure hunt” going through the food list because what’s available every month changes somewhat, due to us being in the surplus market. You never know… this month might be the time you find that pastured leg o’ lamb for $4.00/lb, instead of the normal $12.00/lb.

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Check out our reviews on Facebook, which has placed us as a 5-Star business!

“My family is able to eat much better quality, healthier foods, that we could not have afforded previously. I am so thankful for the food order! We eat more meat, dairy and frozen vegetables that are less processed and taste 100 times better, for less then what I was spending on low quality items. This food is such a blessing to my family, physically and financially! We are even able to order extra to give away to others who are struggling financially, something we couldn’t afford to do before. Thank you!!” ~ Pikeville, TN

“We always enjoy the monthly “treasure hunt” for delicious, healthy foods at unbeatable prices! Our freezer is better stocked than ever, at lower cost!” ~ Centerville, TN

“My favorite things about ordering are the value we get for our money and the variety we have to choose from. I always look forward to looking through the items available each month.” ~ Sterett, AL