Becoming a Customer

If you’re interested in take advantage of our excellent deals by becoming a customer, the first thing to determine if we have a pickup location near you. If not, you can visit this page for information on bringing our food to your area.

If we do have a drop off location near you, click here to create a free account and order.

You are able to order whatever you would like off the list (subject to availability), there are no fees to join, minimum order sizes (besides by the case), or extra shipping fees.

Once you have an account, we’ll email you when it’s time to order each month and the scheduled pickup time. Please be aware delivers are usually on a weekday during the day or early evening. So, we would appreciate you or a friend being flexible enough to pickup your food at the scheduled time.

Check out our reviews on Facebook, which has placed us as a 5-Star business!

“Ordering from the co-op has changed our life – eating wise… We eat much better and our grocery bill has dropped too. We are able to afford very high quality products, such as European butter & cheeses and many other gourmet items, that were out of reach (budget wise) before. It really blesses our family and we are so thankful for it.” ~ Pikeville, TN