Our Products

Each month we usually have over 1000 different foods for you to choose from. We basically carry everything a grocery store would have, except fresh produce. That means there are meats, dairy products, canned food, bakery items, snacks, frozen vegetables, pasta, pre-made meals, juices, and much more.

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We deal in the closeout section of the food industry. This means food which can’t be sold through regular grocery stores for a variety of reasons (see below) end up in our hands. What is available is always changing. Some products are available for months at a time, and others come and go in a matter of days; some items come up for grabs again, and others never do. But the dynamics of this market allow us to provide you with deeply discounted prices that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else!

At this point, most of the products we sell are by the case, since the company we deal with sells it that way. Often times this is not a problem for families because many times it takes a whole case to last until the next monthly delivery or because the case is split with friends.

People often ask “Why is such high-quality food so a low price?”
Well, there are far too many reasons for these deals than I can write about, but I’ll put a few of the main ones below.

  • You’re buying the products by the case versus in small, retail packages.
  • The principle of supply and demand is very strong in this branch of the food industry. Here are a few examples of how the supply is often greater than the demand:
    – A company goes bankrupt and must sell all their food quickly at whatever price they can obtain.
    – A manufacturer changes the packaging or recipe of a product and would rather sell the former product far below cost than have both products on the shelf.
  • Part of the food we sell is past the best by/expiration, etc. date printed on the package. Sometimes a manufacturer will produce more than he can sell before it reaches 30-60 days prior it’s expiration date. So to move it, he’ll sell it very cheaply, instead of his only other option – throwing it in the trash. Here are some considerations when the topic of food past the printed date is brought up. First off, it is legal per the FDA to sell expired food, and here’s an article by the Los Angeles Times on the subject.  Before I list them anymore, though, I want to say you are the only one who can make that decision for your family, and only buy what you’re comfortable with.
    1.) Notice often dates are written as “best by”, “enjoy by”, “sell by” and not just “use by” or “expiration”, which indicates what we’ve discovered personally over the years – manufacturers print a date that is long before the food actually spoils.
    2.) Canned food last almost indefinitely, and frozen food keeps it’s quality a long, long time in the freezer. So, just use your judgment on various types of food in regards to their dates because obviously different types of foods have different date sensitivities.
    3.) The company we deal with is very careful to dispose of any products that come to their attention as spoiled, which is very uncommon, because they certainly don’t want to sell any dangerous food. And if you ever receive a product that you truly believe is spoiled, let us know and we’ll be happy to fully refund you.
    4.) Our family has been eating food on the surplus market for the last 15 years with very few complaints. There are also over 600 families buying from us now repeatedly and have been very pleased with the quality.

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“The Naturally A Deal co-op is a wonderful blessing to our family. Not only are the prices unbeatable but the variety of healthy food options are surprisingly great! We are able to save money, eat better food, and stock up our pantry all at the same time. The co-op also helps in providing ministry meals to other people, whether taking it to someone’s home or hosting a large fellowship. I look forward to the order every month. You never know what great deal you are going to find!” ~ Centerville, TN

“Overall we have really enjoyed all of the products our family has ordered. We have seen a decrease in our monthly budget due to the prices this co-op offers. Buying in bulk from this co-op enables us to have affordable quicker meals at the ready and offers a great opportunity to have food on hand for hospitality especially when time is short and yet we want to serve our guests with quality food.” ~ Apex, NC